When Antibiotics Are a Good Thing

We all know that antibiotics can save lives and that there are certain situations where they are truly helpful. We also know that overuse of antibiotics has encouraged the development of "super bugs" and can mess up our very important body flora. For someone who's been on the GAPS diet for several months trying to [...]


Healing Ear Infections with Probiotics

Back in December I decided there was something wrong with my ears. Every so often my ears would get this "feeling" like I was coming down with a cold, usually accompanied by that "feeling" I get in my throat when I'm about to get sick. I could tell my ears were infected with something, but [...]

Raw Pastured vs Conventional Dairy

...there were pockets of extremely healthy, long-lived people scattered about the earth who used dairy products in various forms as the staple of their diets — further evidence that milk and its by-products were amongst the most healthful foods man has ever encountered. -Tom Cowan, MD, Raw Milk Do you ever wonder if weaned humans [...]