Health Mystery of a Little Boy

Somewhere around ten years ago, I first learned about autism. I was in college and read an article in Psychology Today about how a normal baby girl had transformed into an autistic child after receiving vaccinations. The article also talked about how most autistic children are diagnosed around age two. That's all I specifically remember [...]


Struggle & Success Saturday: Our Health is Improving

I'm starting to get the hang of pre-planning meals (to a certain degree), and putting a little more effort into meals. This goes as far as hitting the farmers market in a neighboring city, so I can have really fresh produce (more enzymes), and then trying my darndest to get it all eaten in a [...]

Salicylate Sensitivity?

My little boy just turned three this month. He was born a docile child--almost never cried as a baby (although he was held constantly, and his needs never delayed beyond necessity--so easy when they are so little). I did eventually teach him it was okay to cry, if he needed a release, but never expected that [...]