Spiritual Sunday: Fill Your Tank

Today was a Fast Sunday for my church, and on Fast Sunday, members of the congregation have the opportunity to go up to the podium and share their testimony. Sometimes a person will share a personal experience/anecdote to illustrate their testimony. Today this brother (we call each other brothers and sisters) got up and shared a [...]


Spiritual Sunday: Fasting

In my church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), we observe a practice called fasting. Fasting can be done any time one feels the need, but as a whole, we participate in what we call "Fast Sunday," which is usually the first Sunday of each month. On Fast Sunday, everyone who is able [...]

Physical Health & Spiritual Strength

Physical health and spiritual health are two things that are always on my mind...two things I am always striving for. Though we can certainly have one without the other--we may be physically robust with no thought for spiritual things, or we may be spiritual giants and plagued with illness--I am convinced that the two things [...]