So I’ve gained a little weight…

I'm going to level with you. I do not like being fat. I know we are supposed to love our bodies no matter their shape and size (and I do have a lot of love for my body), but I just happen to not like the way it looks when my belly sticks out as [...]


Documentary Review: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

I watched this documentary last night, and boy do I wish I hadn't had to give my mom back her juicer. Joe Cross is a successful business investor who lives in Australia. He loved junk food, and it was making him sick. He developed an auto-immune disorder that would cause spontaneous rashes to appear all [...]

Health Comes First

Everywhere I turn people are trying to lose weight. Some want to look better, and some want to be healthier. Most probably want better health and better looks, but I think people are primarily driven by one or the other to lose weight. When I hear that someone is trying to lose weight to look better, [...]