“Cheating” on my GAPS Diet: an Experiment

Yesterday was my stepsister's birthday, and she wanted to go to Papa Haydn's (restaurant popular for it's dessert menu) to celebrate. I've made some minor "cheats" on my diet a few times in the last month or so since I started GAPS back in February. I haven't been trying or wanting to cheat, and I really [...]


Enjoying the Holidays on a Special Diet

I used to eat whatever I wanted. I believed in indulgences, as long as I ate healthily most of the time. I still believe that, although my idea of healthy eating and my idea of an indulgence is a bit different than what it used to be. I am in a place now where I [...]

Exhausting Beach Trip

We got invited to spend a couple days at a beach house with my brother-in-law's family. Of course I wanted to go, how fun! It. was. ex.haus.ting. I've decided that while spending time with relatives is valuable to me, it is not a vacation. I am one those people that really likes to do things at [...]

Struggle & Success Saturday: Family Reunion

Thursday morning we headed out to a hot springs resort for a family reunion on my husband's side. I was so excited for this trip and kept calling it our "vacation" even though it was only for two nights. (My husband is very dedicated to his job, so we don't really ever go on "real" [...]